Heading To Alaska
Patrick duscussing the recovery with the team

The day finally arrived, June 22, 2013 when the Sandbar Mitchell recovery team gathered in Michigan ready to start the mission of recovering Sandbar Mitchell.

Recovery Day One

The morning of June 23, 2013 started off with a safety briefing at Fort Wainwright. Because the sandbar was located in the danger zone of the military gunnery range the team had to learn about the hazards of unexploded ordnance and the types that could be located on the sandbar. After the safety briefing was over the recovery team split up into two groups, one team traveled to the sandbar to clear the path and area around the aircraft, and the second team built the wooden lifting stands. The adventure down the Tanana River in a flat bottom riverboat to the sandbar took around 20 minutes each way. To view more pictures of the days activities please CLICK HERE.

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