Recovery Day Two

June 24, 2013 Patrick concentrated on removing the remains of the aluminum borate tank inside the bomb bay of the Mitchell. It involved using a reciprocating saw to carefully cut 12” panel sections of the tank and removing it one piece at a time. The team worked hard on installing the lifting stands under the wings and finishing the clearing around the aircraft. Other activities for the day included removing the inboard flaps and hand digging out the remaining portion of the lower half of the rear fuselage. To view more pictures of the days activities please CLICK HERE.

Recovery Day Three

June 25, 2013, now with the borate tank removed from the bomb bay section of the fuselage the team was able to gain access to the attaching hardware to remove the remaining parts of the forward and aft sections of the fuselage. There was still a lot of preparation work that needed to be completed first including disconnecting hydraulic lines, cables, and removing castings. To view more pictures of days activities please

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