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$50 - Mark Manske    •    $50 - John Mallard said "In Memory of my father, Lt Col. Joseph Mallard. He flew with the Air Apaches 345th BG in WW II, in a B-25."    •    $500 - Anonymous    •    $10 - Kathryn Poppy (Wagner Poppy Family) said "Congrats!! Please put "Wagner Poppy Family" in any public postings. Thanks!"    •    $82 - Jay Bess said "With all your hard work - we just had to see that thermometer hit $9,000!!"    •    $100 - Anonymous    •    $385 - Anonymous    •    $40 - Alexandra Cushing said "All great things come with time and perseverance. Keep up the good work!"    •    $10 - jeremy dando    •    $100 - Anonymous    •    $10 - Jeff Moser    •    $35 - Gordon Vader    •    $88 - Anonymous    •    $50 - David Yegge said "Glad to help a Great cause in a small way!"    •    $25 - Shepard Family    •    $50 - Jack Hardy     •    $25 - Anonymous said "Wish I could give more."    •    $50 - Anonymous    •    $400 - Cindy Titus    •    $100 - Dale Feigley said "Good luck guys!"    •    $100 - Jay Bess said "This organization sets the "Gold Standard" for walking the talk on educating our youth and having heart!!"    •    $1000 - Anonymous    •    $100 - Anonymous    •    $100 - Kate Lawrence     •    $20 - Anonymous said "Keep looking up"    •    $200 - Amerivet Services said "You're making fantastic contributions to our community! Keep up the great work!"    •    $500 - Anonymous    •    $40 - Mary Robinson said "Hard working people with great vision!"    •    $300 - Roger Ashley said "I've been involved with these guys and proud of what they've done."    •    $170 - Al Tucker said "I am glad to help in a safe landing toward our goal."    •    $40 - Jeffrey Wedding    •    $50 - Terri Clark    •    $100 - Kent Winslow said "I support the idea of preserving history and honoring all those who have served."    •    $100 - Mike & Tammy Hauler    •    $50 - Harmon Pierce said "Hope you reach the goal!"    •    $100 - Matt Vader said "Love what your organization is doing both through restoration and education. I have enjoyed speaking with people associated with your project at various events I have attended. I hope this small donation helps and hope to visit you guys in the near future."    •    $50 - Duane Collicott said "Here's s little more."    •    $50 - Laura Huth-Rhoades said "A great organization with a great, hard-working, and dedicated crew. I've been honored to partner and work with you!"    •    $50 - Katelyn Brooks said "Bless this museum and all of the work going into the Sandbar Mitchell. I really want to see it fly when it's finished!"    •    $200 - Linda Berch said "I love volunteering for you guys!"    •    $100 - Anonymous    •    $100 - Kathy Green said "In memory of Member #19"    •    $100 - Peter Dugdale    •    $100 - Kathy Green said "You guys are awesome and doing great things everyday."    •    $200 - Michael Lance said "Let her fly!!!"    •    $50 - Anonymous said "So proud of this organization and what it is doing to remember the heroes of the greatest generation!"    •    $50 - Anonymous said "Way to go Todd!"    •    $50 - Anonymous said "57th member, keep them flying!"    •    $200 - Mark Ploof said "Sorry can't make it in person. Great fundraiser!"    •    $50 - Larry Cline said "Good luck on your fund raiser."    •    $200 - Anonymous    •    $200 - General Grant    •    $200 - Anonymous    •    $20 - Sarah Moore    •    $20 - Sarah Moore    •    $500 - Anonymous said "Please accept our donation to your organization"    •    $200 - Philip Hartmann said "Get that bird in the air..."    •    $200 - Ralph Lange said "Mentoring Kittyhawk students is a very rewarding experience for both the mentor and the student."    •    $100 - Judy Barich said "In memory of my late father, a WWII vet."    •    $100 - Ginny Wilken    •    $20 - Tom Smith said "Pat and Todd- doing a great job with the kids"    •    $50 - Tom Walsh said "Hope to be able to come out again when I'm back up here for Christmas, with or without Jay Bess!"    •    $20 - Rich Dugger said "Good luck."    •    $1000 - Tony Vernaci said "Investing in our youth today will pay all of us dividends for a lifetime. Todd's and Patrick's passion and devotion is something we should all rally behind and support."    •    $200 - Sean Farrelly said "Let's get this bird flying!"    •    $50 - Todd Trainor said "I am very proud of the progress and impact we've made. I love being a part of this."    •    $50 - Edson Waite said "Always happy to help when I can!"


Patrick - Our Museum - Our Passion

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The Warbirds of Glory Museum was founded, in April of 2013, by Patrick Mihalek assisted by Todd Trainor both with a passion for aviation. The primary objective is the preservation of historical aircraft and WWII memorabilia for the benefit of future generations.

Through the financial support of people like you, Sandbar Mitchell will once again grace the skies in honor of our veterans. The museum is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Contributions donated to the museum are fully tax-deductible.

The Warbirds of Glory Museum's B-25J
B-25J Sandbar Mitchell in the 1960's outside Fairbanks, AK. Picture courtesy of Milo Peltzer

The aircraft pictured above, North American B-25J serial number 44-30733, served her country as a bomber trainer here in the United States before being converted to a Fire Retardant Bomber. It became known as Sandbar Mitchell after a gear up landing on a Tanana River sand bar near Fairbanks, Alaska in June of 1969 where it was abandoned to time. Until July 5, 2013 when it took leave of the sand bar, forty-four years later, to be recovered by Patrick Mihalek and the Warbirds of Glory Museum team.

Air lift of Sandbar Mitchell July 5th, 2013

The ten-year restoration of the B-25, to airworthy status, is undertaken by skilled volunteers including the museum’s youth mentorship program, all led by aircraft restorer Patrick Mihalek. The restoration project is currently underway at the museum’s restoration shop in Brighton, Michigan.

Patrick with some of the youth restoration team

Once restored, Sandbar Mitchell will grace the skies, as ship 8Z of the 340th Bomb Group, 488th Bombardment Squadron as represented below in the artistic rendering by Ron Cole.

B-25 8Z of the 340th BG, 488th SQ. Keep Em' Flying Banner